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  • fSixxoncus on our work


    fSixxoncus on our work


    fSixxoncus on our work

    Respect and Devotion

    fSixxoncus on our work

    Customer Satisfaction

    fSixxoncus on our work


    About Sixxon

    Founded in 1980, Sixxon Precision Machinery CO., LTD offers great diversity to the world, and over the years has seen steady growth due to carefully thought out business expansion strategies. With 35 years of high precision machining, stamping and forging experience, Sixxon has developed a great reputation for product excellent, superior workmanship, cost effective solutions, and total commitment to customer satisfaction.

    With ISO 9000, ISO 14001, TS 16949, and ISO 13485 certifications, we have gained global leading customers in the fields of Automobile, Biking, Medical, Consumer Electronics, and Industrial Applications. As a world-class manufacturing supplier, we confidently provide high quality products at competitive prices, with great on time delivery service.

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